Apex GX 130 Graphic Equalizer


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GX 130 is a 1 x 30 band graphic EQ with a superb Sound quality

DLT – technologie for perfectly flat amplitude and phase response
Variable high-pass and low-pass filters with switchable 6/12 dB lowpass slope
In/out switch for instant comparison with flat response
45 mm precision faders
Comprehensive frontpanel lay-out
Symmetrical in – and output
Earth-lift switch
Robust mechanical construction
Constant Q design
Available gain between in- and output: 6 dB
Overload indicator: peak-peak sensing circuit giving overload indication
for all circuits in the equaliser
Failsafe bypass : The input is instantly connected to the output in case
of power failure or power supply malfunction
Extensive RF suppression
XLR on in- and outputs
Floating, transformerlike, electronically balanced output stage
Power transformer with static screening for rejecting of power line interferences

Electronically balanced
Absolute overload point +21dBm
Impedance 10k (each leg) in parallel with 560 pF equal impedance for “+” and “-” legs
Connectors  XLR-3 type ( pin 1: signal ground, pin 2: hot ?+?, pin 3: cold ?-? )
Electronically balanced and floating simulating transformer output with app.
50 kOhm/560pF to ground impedance for each leg
RF suppresion with LC filters
Impedance  50 Ohms (each leg)
Max level +20 dBm into 600 Ohms
Output symmetry balance > 65dB (20Hz-20KHz IEC)
Connectors XLR-3 type ( pin 1: signal ground, pin 2: hot ?+?, pin 3: cold ?-? )
frequency response +-0.5dB, 20Hz-20KHz (Eq switches out)
THD  0.01%, 20Hz-20kHz
Noise -90dBm (typ. -98dBm), 22Hz-22KHz graphic equaliser in circuit (0dB setting)
Level control -infinite to +6dB
Overload indicator lights for approximately 200ms if the instaneous peak voltage (+ or -)
at any point in the equaliser comes within 1dB of clipping
Graphic equaliser:
30 ISO center frequencies 25Hz-20KHz in 1/3 octave steps
Center frequency tolerance+-1%
Q tolerance +-1%
Max boost/cut 12dB
Switchable in/out signal path
High pass filter:
Frequency range 15-300Hz (-3dB frequencies)
Type maximally flat 12dB/octave
Low pass filter:
Frequency range 2-40 kHz (-3dB frequencies)
maximally flat 12dB/octave
Switchable slope 6/12 dB/octave
Power Requirements
Voltage110/120/220/240V 50/60Hz
Consumption 20VA
IEC type connector
Size and weigth
Size 482mm (19inch) wide x 89mm high x 200mm deep
Weight app. 4.5kg

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