DHA Digital Light Curtain 8-lamp unit


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Units in good working condition. Comes with colorgelscrolls, clamps and fine working dmx to lighttalk converters.

The DHA Digital Light Curtain provides a saturated wall of colour, the intensity, position and parameters of which are DMX controlled from most lighting desks. Tungsten lamps and Rosco Supergel provide the quality of light whilst the motors and belt drives enable smooth and silent motion. DHA ’s Digital Light Curtains are available in 6 or 8 lamp versions. The integral tilt drive and colour scroller provide maximum versatility and the optional pitching yoke adds yet another dimension to the Digital Light Curtain’s movement. Control is via DMX 512 which will give smooth, continuous motion at all speeds for both tilt and colour. Alignment of multiple units is easily achieved and enables the creation of a seamless wall of colour.

DMX Controlled; 12v 240W Par56 lamps included.
Up to 20 colours can be selected.
Removable colour scrolls;
350 degree motion on the horizontal axis.