Philips Arena Vision 1800W outdoor light


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High output outdoor floodlight fixtures. Well maintained and in proper working condition. Fixtures do have wear and tear.
All fixtures are equipped with a 1800W MHN bulb. Ballast is fitted separately in an outdoor-proof enclosure and is powered on a 16A single phase CEE connector (230V).
Interlink between ballast and lamphead is on a 32A single phase CEE connector.
Optional available; dollies that can hold up to 4 fixtures and 4 ballasts.

The ArenaVision floodlight – designed for outdoor sports stadiums – dramatically increases the theatrical and emotional impact of sports for TV audiences and spectators, while allowing the players to perform under optimal visual conditions. Thanks to the Philips MHN-SE 1800W high-output compact single-ended metal-halide lamps, ArenaVision offers high optical efficiency. In addition, this floodlight boasts easy lamp fitting, replacement and full IP65 compliance.


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