Renkus Heinz TRAP40K 3-Way CoEntrant Loudspeaker


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Exclusive CoEntrant Design:
The full-range TRAP40K Series loudspeakers are 3-way systems developed for applications that require the very best in overall sound performance. They feature CoEntrant Waveguide Technology, a Renkus-Heinz break through in loudspeaker design that provides true
point source performance along with natural signal alignment and tightly controlled dispersion. The end result is unprecedented sound clarity and near perfect imaging, even at high SPL levels. The CoEntrant design also provides tight pattern control in both planes down to 500Hz. TRAP40K loudspeakers are packaged in 40° trapezoidal enclosures that assure even coverage when the cabinets are close coupled along their 20° sides.

Choice of Vertical Coverage Patterns:
The TRAP40/6K and TRAP40/9K offer a choice of 60° or 90° vertical coverage, while the TRAP40/7K provides
asymmetrical 75° (plus 30° and minus 45°) coverage to direct more sound onto the audience area.

True Point Source Performance:
The unique CoEntrant design of these loudspeakers ensures proper signal alignment and constant directivity and Q through crossover. This enables them to provide tonal balance and resolution not attainable from other designs.

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