Telex and ASL intercom set (wired and wireless)


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This is a complete production package consisting of 2 flightcases; equipped with;

case 1: (containing 2x 19″ racks)
1x ASL PS6379 6ch. main + speaker station
1x Telex BTR-80N base station
4x Telex TR-80N UHF 2ch. beltpack + 8x Clearcom BP-800 NM / Telex BP-700-NM accupack
1x IC-6SX matrix switch (6>12)
2x Telex ALP-600 Bi directional antenna
1x Telex FA-GW 1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna+ 1 Telex FA-RW 1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna
1x Telex BC-800 NM4 battery charger
2x Clearcom TW47 interface for portable radio
1x Clearcom TWC-701 Interface 2 > 1 Wire

case 2: (production dawer case, containing 9 drawers in total)
20x Telex BP1002 1ch. beltpack
5x Telex BP325 2ch. beltpack

No headsets, no further cabling included

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