Ampco Flashlight Rental

Both with their roots in the dynamic 1970s, Ampco and Flashlight developed into market leaders for lighting and sound. After merging in the 90s both companies kept growing, even more so when they moved in together in our modern building housing all offices, warehouses and studios. Nowadays Ampco Flashlight offers premium sales, rental, design and technology in lighting, sound, rigging and video.


Ampco Flashlight sales

In addition to being market leader in rental Ampco and Flashlight started importing various brands in light and sound, many of which are still being represented by Ampco Flashlight. The fusion with AudioPro in 2015 further aided Ampco in being able to offer its clients the right equipment and experienced staff in every field.



Ampco Flashlight is a member of the Vereniging van Evenementen Makers (association of event creators). The VVEM was established in 2001 for professionals in the public events branch. The VVEM represents companies from various niches in the events branch, catering to organisers, location providers and suppliers. A shared value among all parties involved is to always meet the highest standards in quality, professionality and safety.