KLANG Technologies


Klang technologies was recently acquired by DiGiCo, and for a good reason! With the immersive 3D technology for in-ear monitoring the chosen source is placed in the soudfield, making the artist hear fellow musicians exactly in the place they are. 


3D monitoring for 16 artists, for more outputs Fabrik units can work in daisy chain mode.


Light version of  Klang Fabrik featuring five 3D outputs.


Working with Klang Fabrik an the app, the user can drag and drop the sources (artists) in his or her own soundfield and choose between stereo and 3D sound. 


8-channel Dante™ XLR breakout box with additional hi-quality headphone amp outputs. Also available in half rackspace 4-channel version. 

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    Bart van der Smissen

    Bart van der Smissen

    Account Manager

    “Places artists in sound space, and makes you hear them exactly where they are!”