Outline Newton

Worlds most advanced multi-source audioprocessor

Outline presents Newton, the next step in audio system control, processing & networking. Newton offers groundbreaking filtering technology,  multi-format audio signal routing, multi-format conversion and digital sync in a 1HE enclosure.

Power and flexibility

Each Newton processor offers the unique WFIR filters, clock management and 216×216 in/outputs. Internal synchronised and asynchronized sample rate converters process al I/O’s while Newton can be synced with each of the 14 possible clocks. Mix-n-Match Matrix I/O routing enables conversion and distribution of digital audio over multiple protocols possible, all simultaneously.

More information

Newton is available in 3 formats:

  • Newton 16 – all digital format
  • Newton 16+4: incl. 4 analog I/O
  • Newton 16+8: incl  8 analog I/O

Analog I/O’s are easily added later through use of an identical motherboard.

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Frans van Houten

Frans van Houten

Account Manager

“Newton has so many possibilities i would like to explain”