Ampco Flashlight in Motion

Let’s move and follow that mirrorball!

You can now tell the system what to follow with which lights. All under a mouseclick. How? let us explain…

29x 500kg Cyberhoist 2, 1x MotionCue 3D console running MotionManager 2.1.2 software, together moving 13 Objects and all sharing position via PSN output. Ampco Flashlight & CyberMotion showing you new possibilities in motion and stage design!

Even though we haven’t seen much in the way of events due to Covid restrictions, we haven’t been standing still at Ampco-Flashlight. Recently our friends at the Ziggodome helped us out by granting us the use of their venue to give a showcase about integrating several of our available operating systems to help you bring your show to the next level. In this case GrandMA MA3D, FollowMe, Robospot and Cybermotion’s MotionManager
Amongst many other features the new Cybermotion MotionManager software includes the ability for third party position sharing through PosiStageNet, or PSN for short. Sending data per selected object, containing name, position relative to X.Y.Z-zero and Height, Roll and Pitch information.

Using this information in combination with GrandMA MA3D software or any other software with PSN functionality allows for a wide range of posibilities in programming shows with moving objects. For instance tracking objects during movement with stationary fixtures, keeping beams stationary at a specific target whilst moving the fuxtures or a combination of both. Many mediaservers have PSN capability, adding video-content into the mix.

Several remote followspot systems such as Robospot and FollowMe also support PSN. Allowing the user to use fixtures as followspot whilst mounted on a moving object, not only up and down, but also with Roll an Pitch movements.

 At Ampco-Flashlight we have the gear and knowledge to bring all these systems together, giving you creative freedom to fluently integrate motion into your show.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 



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