Rent your CyberMotion system at Ampco Flashlight

Let us control your motion, with our advanced CyberMotion II system and our skilled and experienced engineers. 

Ultimate creativity

You are a lighting or show designer? Let CyberMotion spice up your design with 3D movements, from smooth to spectacular. Stronger, faster, smoother, bringing your show designer’s vision to life through dynamic motion control, lifting, rolling and pitching unparalleled in its stability.

The advantages of CyberMotion:


  • Plug-n-play system
  • Unparallelled precision and speed control
  • Easy programming
  • On-the-fly adjustments 
  • Skilled and experienced engineers

Ultimate technology

You are a production manager, engineer or rigger? CyberMotion offers the best in technology to implement in your set, easy to use, flexible, reliable and backed up by our engineers, on the spot or remote. Packed with technology and the highest safety standards.

The advantages of CyberMotion:


  • Multi-voltage operation
  • Heavy-duty & roadproof
  • Online monitoring, backup service
  • Skilled and experienced engineers
  • Easy programming

Let our motion work for you

Whether you are a creative showdesigner, a technical project manager or anything inbetween, our motion systems can fit your plans and lift your production to exceptional creative and technical levels!

Cybermotion: The choice for Eurovision 

Our motion systems and crew have been the weapon of choice for many editions of the Eurovison Song Contest, moving the most challenging stages ever built. 

Tell me more about Motion! 

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Maico van Rijnsoever

Maico van Rijnsoever

Motion specialist

“Let me tell you more about our motion systems! “