2 x TourPro LightSky s500 (SET)

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LightSky s500 Hybrid

Six Lights in one Fixture! Three different power settings for the Osram HRI 330w lamp (280w, 330w, or 350w) all adjustable from the controller, and it’s a beam, spot and a wash. 6 in 1…

The LightSky S500 Hybrid is a revolution in live event intelligent fixtures, combining 6 fantastic features in one compact master designed light. Selective lamp power, extreme tight beam, amazing air effects, selective color temps, wide washes, and a gobo system that will inspire shows to new levels.


  • Lamp:Osram SIRIUS HRI 330w
  • Lamp Power: 280W/330W/350W selective
  • Average Life span:2000/1500/1200Hour
  • Balast: 280W/330W/350W


  • German Engineered Glass Lens
  • ​Prism: 12 facet round prism(zoom from 10 to 20°)
  • Parabolic Reflector Guaranteeing Highest Uniformity and Precision​


  • 0-100% linear dimmer
  • ​Independent shutter and fading effects with adjustable speed
  • ​Strobe: mechanical, .5-20 flash per second (with random strobe effect)


  • Color wheel with 14 dichroic filters + open (Bi-directional)
  • Color Temperature: 3200k-8000K linear adjustment


  • 11 fixed gobo+ Open, Bi-directional flow water animation effect.
  • ​7 Rotating gobos + Open, Bi-directional flow water animation effect.
  • Beam angle” Beam Projection 0-1.5°, Spot Projection 1.5-20°
  • Wash angle: 8°-60°independent Wash effect.
  • Easy access to gobo wheels for replacement
  • Linear focus adjustment
  • ​Double dimming board and super-smooth dimmer.


  • ​LCD graphic black display for simplified access to control menu, configuration and DMX addressing​
  • Battery powered display
  • DMX Channel: 25/17/30 Channels
  • RDA: Remote DMX addressing
  • 2.4GHz WDMX receiver by Wireless Solutions (optional)
  • Input and output signal through 3p and 5p XLR connectors
  • Remote ON/OFF lamp control by DMX
  • Remote unit reset by DMX
  • Electronic self-test and check-up for diagnostics
  • Lamp life timer
  • Thermal sensor monitoring optimum lamp temperature
  • Filtered forced ventilation with variable speed low-noise fans



  • Independent shape design with fire-proof PA66 plastic material.
  • ​Ergonomic side handles for transportation
  • ​3-step motor engine for Pan/Tilt move
  • Pan 540°, Tilt 230°, accurate scanning and automatically positioning.
  • Scanning speed: Pan 2.9 sec/ 540°, Tilt 1.5 sec/230°
  • ​Modular assembly to allow easy maintenance operations
  • ​​Suspension and fixing: any possible working position through omega kit (included) with “quick lock” system


  • Electronic ballast: 100-240V 50/60Hz universal power supply
  • ​Power 495w


  • N.W: 19kg
  • Size: 380 x 368 x 599(mm)
  • Fly case (2in): 900 x 630 X 715(mm)
  • G.W : 80 KG

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