Artistic Licence Rail DALI to DMX Converter


DALItoDMX converts a circuit of DALI (DT0 – intensity) into DMX512. It is designed for environments that require integration between the two protocols. Currently DT8 (colour) is not supported. (For conversion of DMX into DALI, please see the sister product, DMXtoDALI quad).

Multiple units available


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  • DALI to DMX512 conversion (1 circuit)
  • Simulates 1, 4, 16 or 64 virtual DALI devices
  • Works ‘out-of-the-box’ for broadcast DALI
  • DIP switch basic configuration
  • Commission & configure using Dali-Scope for more options
  • Broadcast, Group, Device & Scene addressing modes supported
  • DALI commands supported
  • Optional dimming curve translation & fade times
  • Trigger mode (used to convert DALI to DMX values)
  • DIN rail mount
  • Surface mount

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