Pulsar Chromabank MKII LED batten


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High output LED batten. In good working order. Up to 24 units for sale.

ChromaBanks are ideal for TV, Theatre and Stage applications providing incredible illumination and flexibility from an LED based fixture. The colour wash effect is flawless on sets and cycs, and very effective when installed beneath glass floors or walls. It is also very impressive when hung from trusses allowing numerous strobing and chasing effects to be produced.

  • 256 levels of Red, Green and Blue = 16.7 million colours
  • 960 high efficiency, high brightness LEDs
  • Cross-fade directly from any colour to any other
  • DMX/PMX digital input with 6, 9, 36, 42 and 46 channel modes
  • Stand alone use without a desk Individually selectable colours for each of the 12 ChromaHearts
  • 30 stunning built in chases with variable speed
  • Access to pre-programmed, internal effects, colours and speeds via DMX / PMX channels
  • Fast response electronics – can be strobed Expected or used with video DMX systems
  • Expected 25,000 hour life at full power (estimated 100,000 hours when dimmed or colour changing)
  • Power input 100-230V AC ±10% 47-63Hz 150 Watts supply
  • Power through CEE17 connector provided
  • 20° beam angle with additional 90° wide angle filter supplied