Rosco 1900 Fog Machine

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Used Rosco 1900 Fog machines for sale. All in proper working condition, but have been used in the past for rental applications and so do have marks of use / wear and tear.
Optionally, we can offer you plenty of original Rosco fog fluid along with the machines.

The Rosco 1900 Fog Machine is a very high output professional fog machine which is designed primarily for industrial applications, clubs, opera, or anywhere a large amount of fog is needed.
The Model 1900 offers control features that today’s special effects professionals demand. These include volume control to allow the user to vary the output as well as on/off timers for automatic sequencing. Up to four Model 1900 machines can be operated from a single remote by simply running a standard 3-pin XLR cable from machine to machine.

Further specs:

  • With an initial high burst of fog the 1900 will fill the largest venues with fog in a very short time.
  • After the initial burst, it scales back to operate continuously without interruption for a reheat cycle.
  • Holds a four-liter bottle of fluid and is compatible with all standard Rosco fog fluids
  • Includes a 15′ (4.5 m) remote control cable
  • Controls on/off time from 2-18 seconds
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Resettable thermal trip
  • Cast aluminum heat exchanger
  • Easy serviceable piston pump

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